How Hypnotherapy Helps

Hypnotherapy can help with lack of self-esteem or confidence, anger, depression, insomnia, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), relationship/marital difficulties, obsessions (OCD), pain control, panic attacks, phobias, skin disorders, stress, weight control, stopping smoking and much more.

With the exception of Stop Smoking therapy, we will start with an initial consultation during your first session, where we will discuss what you would like help with and I will then explain in detail how hypnotherapy will assist you in achieving those goals and what your specific hypnotherapy plan will look like. For each subsequent session, we will start with an initial chat followed by a relaxation session. Stop Smoking therapy is done as a single 2-hour session.



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Finding Solutions

Sacha Taylor - Hypnotherapist





Sacha Taylor DSFH DHP HPD SFBT Sup (Hyp)

I specialise in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, which means the emphasis is on what you want to achieve in the future and not on what may have happened in the past. I will not ask questions or discuss any issues you have/have had unless you specifically wish to do so, as the focus will always be looking forward and helping you reach your goals through positivity rather than analyzing what has gone before.  Find out more on the About Hypnotherapy page.


 Finding Supervision

I am also a qualified Solution Focused Supervisor for Hypnotherapy, so if you are a fellow Hypnotherapist looking for supervision to support you in your practice, please visit my Supervision page for more information.


Hypnotherapy Sessions

I qualified in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy at the acclaimed Clifton Practice in Bristol and was successfully awarded the HPD (Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma) which is considered the ‘gold standard’ in hypnotherapy training.  I also hold Diplomas in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (DSFH) and Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy (DHP) and have been regularly seeing clients since March 2014 and have seen great results across a wide range of issues, so if you or anyone else you know would be interested in finding out more about how hypnotherapy can help, please pass on my details or get in touch!


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To book your Pure Hypnotherapy session, or to find out more about the process and how it can help you, please contact me on 07957 397291 or by email.

You can also keep in touch on Facebook.


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